Pelee Island

This past August we had the amazing experience of attending an Arts Residency hosted by Pelee Quarry and Stone and Sky. Here are some vignettes of some of Dinah Thorpe’s beautiful music accompanied by Oriana Barbato (bass ukelele, glockenspiel) and Anita Katakkar (tabla).

and a tabla kayda in jhap taal (composed by Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri):

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Thanks for the love

Thanks to Canadian Community and Campus radio, Rakkatak’s album is #2 on the National International chart amongst Pierre Kwenders, Eccodek, Bruno Capinan, the Sultans of String, the TTE, Boogaloo en Orbit, Dexter Story & Carlos Niño, and Congotronics International . Listen to “Char Taal and a Raga Rainbow” here if you haven’t already 🌈

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