Samavriti is a pranayama technique that means “Equal-Part Breath” and is the concept used to develop Yoga Trax, music to accompany a moving yoga practice. This music has been developed by Anita Katakkar since 2005, through collaboration with yoga instructors: Lisa Messina, Jen Helland, Alex Bemrose, Elke Schroeder and Jeannine Woodall.

In accompanying a yoga class Anita is aware of the energetic levels as the class progresses. For example the energy in a class may start out low, then become very energetic and flowing for vinyasa and standing poses, then dip down for seated poses, rising again for inversions and back bends, and then come back down for savasana. Anita feels that playing for yoga classes has helped her to recognize the equivalent importance of silence and sound. Since then, through developing her accompaniment style to yoga, Anita tries to honour the need for space while also trying to capture the mood exuding from the class. When accompanying yoga, she brings her tabla, her laptop with a plethora of sounds including drones, beats and melodic samples.

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