Music For Meditation

In the time of covid19, a meditation based practice is so valuable for maintaining balance in your mind and body. Rhythm and music can be a powerful resource and gateway for meditation, so here are a couple of suggestions for music to support your practice.

Yoga Trax, made back in 2014, served as a meditative soundtrack for a movement and breath based practice and choreography. These tracks feature sitar player and dear friends: Joanna Mack and Christopher Dicran Hale. Thanks to Reza Moghaddas for his amazing, as always, mixing. And last but not least thank you to bass player and co-producer Oriana Barbato for her work on this series.


Indian classical music is an introspective tradition, that can support listeners in a meditation practice. The following video of Raga Rageshree performed at a Toronto mehfil can be used in this way. It features Christopher Dicran Hale again on sitar and Katja Juliannova on tanpura. Thanks to dear friend Shawn Barry who made the video.

Screen Shot 2020-05-23 at 1.37.03 PM

Happy practicing.

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