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We are so thrilled that Rex van der Spuy and Randolf Jiménez will be joining us in our upcoming performances and will be featured in our upcoming CD.

Rex van der Spuy has been playing sitar since 1989, and has studied John Campana, Irshad Khan and Sahana Banerjee. He performs a style Indian Classical music which is deeply rooted in tradition while featuring a contemporary and personal approach.

Randolf Jiménez is a prominent, versatile and successful Venezuelan musician. He’s been a noteworthy musical leader and a teacher in some of the most prestigious music schools in Caracas. With his jazz trio, he became one of the busiest musicians in Venezuela between years 2012 and 2013.

And, yes, Anita and Oriana will be on the CD too. Stay tuned for more on the CD and upcoming performances in the fall.

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